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About Silk Flowers By KAY
​Silk Flowers by Kay has been around since the Fall of 1996, It is a family owned business.

  Since the craft of Silk Flowers were passed down from mother to daughter, mother to daughter, you will enjoy hundreds of years of experience here at Kay's

  Ironically through all of those years leading up to our doors opening in 1996, the art of Silk Flower making as merely a hobby and a way to spruce up family events.

  Kind of Funny, one day in 1996 I was sending flowers to my then girlfriend, spending a pretty good deal of money when it dawned on me, "these flowers will be dead in a week" and the idea was formed for Silk Flowers By Kay, I figured I can't be the ONLY one who feels this way, turns out, a lot of people had the same notion so we have been serving the public ever since.

  Welcome to Silk Flowers By Kay where your family is our family, lets make your next occasion one to remember and when the flowers last forever.
Helping our customers create memories that will last a lifetime.

  We all cherish memories, NOW they can last forever when you use Silk Flowers By Kay's Tailor made arrangements
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